@henshiin me and the hate bae ♠️#meenahpeixes #damaramegido #homestuckcosplay #awa2014


i hate it when ppl try to shit on my ships by saying “WELL IT’S UNHEALTHY” like son why do you think i’m even HERE

What people think recovery looks like vs. what it really looks like

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here i am providing the gold-gilding of my comedy to you and elise’s tumblr lives. i just give and give until it hurts

I was overdue in stealing your material man.

#Haircut #selfie #undercut. I buzzed it off today.

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Rose and Kanaya at Matsuricon 2014!

Kanaya is fudge-yeah-america

Look, I took some photos!  Look at these cuties aaaaaa what cutiiiees.


[S] Ancestors: What’s Going On

I think about this so often it should probably be embarrassing.


everyone’s losing interest in homestuck but tbh im always just gonna be here like